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Turn Canned Tuna into Something Special

Elevated canned tuna pasta

So when the pandemic hit and sent us all scurrying to the grocery store and then back to lock ourselves at home, like many of us, I stocked up on canned goods, pasta, and dried beans. That was 4 months ago and the 8 pack of Costco canned tuna has been sitting in my pantry, taunting me ever since (along with dried beans…).

Today I decided to dig in to the pantry (and freezer) for lunch and made a pretty amazing meal from a can of tuna and mixed frozen veg. Secret ingredient: one caramelized onion. Here’s the rough recipe…

Chop an onion and add to a pan with a good bit of olive oil. Cook slowly until the onion starts to go golden. Thaw a cup or so of mixed frozen veg in the microwave, then add to the onion, and let that cook together for a while. Drain and add your can of tuna, and let that cook together for a while. In the meantime, cook your pasta.

When the pasta is done, drain it and dump it into the pan with the tuna and the veg, add a little extra olive oil if you want. I’m telling you - the onion and the olive oil do magic with the boring old canned tuna, giving it a lushness and deep umami from the caramelized onion. The vegetables bring a bit of sweetness.Red pepper flakes give it a little kick of heat.

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